• Facilitates the process of installing concrete columns, footings and steel posts belowfrost lines

  • Creates a long-lasting, solid foundation for the construction of decks, patios, cottages, fences and other similar structures

  • Can be installed at the job site

  • Eliminates the need to purchase materials to mix concrete manually or have concrete delivered to a site

  • Reduces the amount of work involved in laying a foundation

  • May be installed by virtually any homeowner or construction contractor




  • concrete structure consists of three parts : a top, middle and base section

  • Standard post measures approximately 12 to 8 inches long, 6 to 14 inches in diameter or wide and 12 to 8 inches high; measurements may vary

  • Circular base section features a small piece of raised concrete in the center to accommodate the bottom recessed section of the middle section

  • Top of middle section features a raised piece of concrete designed to fit into the recessed section of another piece of middle section or the top section; Virtually any number of middle sections can be placed on top of each othe to accommodate the depth of the ground

  • Top of top section features a recessed area for insertion of a galvanized steel fence or other type of post; for wood framing, a small piece of wood would be inserted into recessed area to allow for nailing of a wooden pressure-treated post of floor truss so construction of deck or other wooden structure can begin

  • The recessed area of top section may feature a tapered drain slot for water runoff

  • Once base and first middle section are secured in ground, back-filling may begin

  • Middle sections are interlocked and finally top section is locked in place above ground to allow for insertion of a post or framing

  • Producible in various shapes, such as cylindrical, square, hexagonal or others